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ZIDITEC Is A Full-Service Digital Technology Agency That Comes With Years Of Proven Experience. ZIDITEC Houses A Certified Team Of Professionals Who Are Expert In Strategizing, Developing And Executing The Objectives.

We Deal With Custom Website Solutions Consisting Of But Not Limited To Web Design And Development, SEO, SEM, Marketing services, Analytics, Social Strategy And Conversion Optimization. ZIDITEC Firmly Believes In Delivering Customized Solutions To Match Your Needs Just Perfectly.


We Are A Passionate, Results-Oriented Digital Marketing Team Based In Cameroon . We Deliver End-To-End Website Design, Digital Marketing Solutions, Web & Mobile Application Development That Are Focused On Client Goals And Objectives. From Strategy And Design To Internet Marketing And Mobile Development, Our Team Of Specialists Delivers Client Success On Every Project Assigned. We Will Help You Exceed Your Expectations.

Creative Design

Our proven creative website design services speak of your brand, thus establishing an instant connection with your customers.

Web & Mobile Application Development

We help you craft a functional and high-performing apps and websites through our effective mobile and web development services.

Digital Marketing

Enhance your reach and make more customers fall for you with our well-planned and strategized marketing solutions.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers.


Ecommerce Services Turn your products into cash by selling them on your own online store.

Help & Support

We provide businesses with digital supports on how to grow their business online.




Powerful, Customizable Web Design

Your business is unique, and a modern, professional website should reflect that uniqueness. A website needs to convey company branding through cutting-edge design, including (but not limited to) unified colors, shapes, tone, text-conveyed personality, and a powerful mission statement.

It needs sensible and intuitive navigation, allowing website visitors to easily locate the services and information they’re searching for.

It needs to interact with visitors in ways that elevate interest and capture business (e.g., through various calls to action, allowing people to easily submit — and receive — additional information, or receive quotes, or schedule appointments, or place orders, or purchase items).

It needs to be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) so it can properly respond to deeper SEO strategies and applications, improving its ranking for relevant online searches.

It needs to be YOUR website – an online salesman well-versed in YOUR products and services. A full-blown advocator of YOUR brand. An employee that’s available 24/7 to answer questions, take orders, and instill trust in first-time visitors.

At ZIDITEC, we utilize our expertise in conversion-based website design to cater to YOUR needs and, as always, the needs of your customers.


Website Evaluations

You’re concerned about your website. Very concerned. Its appearance is dated, and the college student/coworker’s son/roommate’s cousin’s daughter who designed it 5-10 years ago moved on to bigger and better things. You have a hotel, guest house, but every time you search  online, your website never comes up. No one ever finds it, and no one ever calls.

Stop biting your nails, and stop doing that thing with your hair (the twirling thing) – we’ll find out why your website is underperforming with our free (yes, free) Website Evaluation.


What’s a Website Evaluation?

Consisting of 20-30 pages, a Website Evaluation from ZIDITEC is a thoroughly researched report that examines an exhaustive amount of information pertaining to your website. It answers questions like:

  • Is it a modern, effective presentation of the business?
  • What’s the quality of the user experience?
  • Are there any calls to action? Can people ask a question or place an order?
  • Is it an active participant in driving sales?
  • Are there coding issues causing an unfavorable customer experience?
  • And this one is SUPER-important: Why can’t people actually find it while searching online for your specific services??

Ready to find out why your website isn’t helping AT ALL? Hit the button below, fill out the necessary information, and we’ll have your heavily researched website report within 72 hours.

Digital Marketing Done Right



ZIDITEC is a full-service digital marketing agency. That means we create search-engine-conscious websites with an internal architecture allowing Google to better crawl – and therefore, better rank – your website. This is a very important step, but it’s only the first.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Services

We’re a full-service agency with years of experience in design and marketing. Listed below, the areas of expertise utilized to benefit both you and your business.


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Become one of our customers and enjoy the benefits of having your business online. We are your digital partner.

Business/Revenue Driven Results: Boost Your Revenues With Our Straightforward Strategies That Aim To Boost Your Productivity And Visibility, All At The Same Time.
Connecting You With Your Customers On The Go: Enhance Your Reach And Connect With More Potential Customers With Our High Performing And Reliable Solutions.
Transformation Of Creative Ideas Into Successful Ventures: Transform Your Idea Into Productive Online Businesses With Our Integrated Model And Collaborative Approach.

Meet Our Team

Executing strategies and delivering results is what we stand for!
ZIDITEC is a passionate and result oriented digital technology agency based in Cameroon. 

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